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Kos wide variety of Cheeses.

Kos has a company that produces and exports a wide variety of cheeses and other dairy products. Most Of the cheeses are Awarded In Greece And Abroad

Wine Cheese

Award winning

The award-winning Krasotyri (Wine Cheese) of Yiannou Company, the only P.G.I (protected geographical indication) cheese product in the Dodecanese, is produced exclusively by Yiannou Company and has a history that dates back to antiquity. Kos P.G.I Krasotyri is made exclusively from goat’s milk from the island of Kos and is matured in wine – “possa”!

Until recently, Wine Cheese (krasotyri), other wise known as “the diamond of Kos island”, was almost unknown to the vast majority of Greeks. With great effort the Yiannou company has managed to establish its wine-cheese as one of the most in-demand cheeses, intriguing those seeking new and “hard to find” flavors.

Wine-cheese matures in brine, enriched with the dregs of local wine and it acquires a crust that keeps it hard even in its package. The result of this technique gives the cheese a subtle wine flavor. It is one of the world’s most fine and rare delicacies, traditionally produced only on Kos island. This cheese is highly recommended with watermelon.

White cheese "Tirovolaki"

Award winning

A soft white cheese from local sheep and goat’s milk that is prepared in a traditional way inside a basket and matures in its brine for at least two months.
It incorporates the particular flavors of Kos island, has a distinct aroma and special quality characteristics.
An essential delicacy of Kos’ dining, it accompanies traditional Greek recipes and can also be enjoyed on its own.

Cheese with Truffle

Award winning​

An innovative product! It combines the sheep’s milk with the flavor and aromas of Truffle, another fine product, creating an amazing combination of taste and texture.

"Kotiki" Feta

A product rich in protein with low fat, exceptional taste and texture is enriched with delicate flavours that derive from the distinctive substance of fresh sheep and goat milk of Kos. Milk diversities occur as a result on account of the microclimate on grasslands on kos which provide various vegetation therefore render a distinguish taste to dairy products

Goat's Graviera


Goat’s Graviera, a very popular hard cheese with the special taste that the milk of the island of Kos gives and which is produced exclusively from goat’s milk!

Mizithra (Soft White Cheese)


Mizithra is made from goat’s milk from the island of Kos, a product with a long tradition with low salt and fat content.

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