The logo οf KOS LOCALLY GROWN signals the local products of Kos. The logo and the website of KOS LOCALLY GROWN are both made for and belong to the Agricultural Association of Kos.

The KOS LOCALLY GROWN campaign was born as an idea, but also a need of the students of the 2nd Lyceum of Kos, in the framework of the ERASMUS+ program, European Students for Sustainability, 2020-2023. They looked for the reasons why it is vital to consume local products, explored ways of action, and organized a campaign.

We contacted the Agricultural Association of Kos, in order to present the idea of a campaign with two main axes, the creation of a logo that will accompany the packaging of local products so that they are visible to consumers and the creation of a website, which will inform consumers about the benefits of supporting local products, and will list products of Kos.

The initial design of the website and the logo belongs to the students of the 2nd Senior High School of Kos who participate in the ERASMUS+ program, while the management and development of the website are under the Agricultural Association of Kos, which wholeheartedly supported the project.

We hope you find the information useful here, that you embrace the reasons for supporting local products, and that you become part of a sustainable solution. Help us to become many!!!