Kos Olive Oil Factory Papadimitriou​

Kos Olive Oil Factory Papadimitriou

Papadimitriou family, consisting of the sons, Giannis and Vangelis, and the father, Konstantinos, are the owners of the 3rd generation oil mill, Kos Olive!
Their oil mill produces 2 to 3 thousand liters of olive oil per year! 
Small local producers, even residents from nearby islands, produce their olive oil to the Kos Olive Oil Factory. 
The olive oil production season, where all the locals begin to collect their olives, begins in the middle of October, reaches its peak in mid November and lasts until December. 
During the summer season Kos Olive offers tours of the olive mill, where you can taste different varieties of olive oil, find out more about how the olives are collected and the processes and processing involved, and you will get useful tips on how to choose and purchase the best olive oil! 
Kos Olive produces extra virgin olive oil, condiments, oil dressings with various herbs and spices, olive oil soaps and of course, olives!

Opening Hours:
Monday-Saturday: 9:00am-5:00pm
Sunday: Close

Our address

7th km on
Kos – Kefalos
Main Road,
853 00
Kos, Greece

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