Kritikos SM

Kritikos Super Market Kritikos Super Market having four stores on the island, and supports the local products of by selling the most of the products. You can find there standard products, fruits and vegetables. Our address Eleftherias Square, 853 00 Kos, Greece Want to write? Want to call? +302242 022900 Website Follow us

Meraklis Hut 

Meraklis Hut  Μερακλής (meraklis) the person who has “μεράκι”. The word “μεράκι” comes from the Turkish word “merak”, “μεράκι” means “strong desire”. So, Μερακλής (meraklis) is the one who has passion for what he does.The Chadjifeizullah family has a lot of “μεράκι” (passion) about their farm. They are engaged in farming for over three generations. In …